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Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush

illustrated by Wendell Minor

Henry Holt

Starred Review in Booklist Nov. 15, 2016


"Hi! Welcome to my website. I write adventure books for adults and children--nonfiction works that tie perfectly into the new Common Core State Standards. Each time I leave home for an adventure I see new sights, meet wonderful people, and learn fascinating facts from history.


I hope you'll join me. Come paddle down a great river or hack through jungles to find an ancient ruin. Who knows -- you might one day discover a lost Mayan city in Central America, or perhaps come across the buried Inca treasure, 750 tons of gold hidden in the cloud forest of the Andes.

My greatest wish is for you, the reader -- the adventurer -- to get outside and explore the mysteries of the world. . ."


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*Star in Booklist Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush


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