Erie Canal
Boyds Mills Press, 1999
ISBN 978-1563977640
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  Erie Canal: Canoeing America's Great Waterway
written by Peter Lourie

The Erie Canal was the first great technological achievement of the United States. From 1817 to 1825, thousands dug, axed, and blasted through the wilderness to create a 363-mile waterway stretching from Lake Erie to the Hudson River. They succeeded in doing what many thought could not be done—they joined the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, creating a gateway to the west. 

Peter Lourie takes young readers on a journey through history as he canoes the length of the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany. Along the way, he recounts the length of the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany. He recounts the dramatic history of the canal, the story of those who built it, and what it's like to paddle one of America's legendary waterways. Here is the historic Erie Canal as it is today and as it was in its glorious past.

Behind the Book


“Lourie's enthusiastic narrative is punctuated by commentary about what he sees along the way. … Archival black-and-white photos, drawings, excerpts from songs about the Erie Canal, and the author's full-color photographs greatly aid in appreciation its size and history. A good choice for students interested in transportation, Western expansion, or exploration.” (School Library Journal)

“Lourie's descriptions of such things as going through the locks and his open regard for the canal builders' achievement put dry textbook approaches to shame.” (Booklist)

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