River of Mountains
Syracuse University
Press, 1998
ISBN 978-0815603160
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  River of Mountains
written by Peter Lourie

River of Mountains is the journal of Lourie's three-week trip down the entire 315-mile length of the Hudson River from the river's source in the Adirondack Mountains to the sea. The book combines his personal experiences with descriptions of the landscape and natural features. On the upper Hudson, Lourie vividly describes exciting whitewater rides—some wild, some slow. On the lower river he captures the joys of crowded paddling. Throughout the book, he provides a historical recounting of the development of civilization along the river. The many people he meets along the way, including loggers, fishermen, guides, and barge pilots, add to the richness of his tale. Before Lourie's trip, there is no record of anyone having made the journey before in the same vessel.

August 12, 2022: Listen to a portion of this podcast about River of Mountains during an interview with Mark Braude on The New York Times Book Review. https://on.soundcloud.com/itwC Thanks for the shout-out!

You can hear the entire interview here: https://apple.co/3K6J8mV Congratulations to Mark Braude on his new biography of Kiki Man Ray.


“I bet this book will persuade many to rent a canoe and repeat at least portions of Peter Lourie's extraordinary trip. And for the rest of us it will give information we need to protect the river, restore it, and help see that it's loved by young and old, rich and poor.” (Pete Seeger) 

“With the world explored, Peter Lourie chose his own backyard for a wonderful adventure. He has written an excellent book.” (Robert Boyle, author of The Hudson River: a Natural and Unnatural History)

“An engaging tale. [Lourie] vividly describes exciting whitewater rides-some hot, some slow—and the joys of crowded paddling, and throughout he provides a historical recounting of the development of the civilization along the river … The many people he met along the way, including loggers, fishermen, guides, barge pilots, and a squatter, add to the richness of the tale.” (Library Journal)

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