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Peter Lourie, on an adventure
More about Peter:
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In-Person School Visits

After exploring and traveling far afield this year for multiple book projects, Pete will again be conducting in-person school visits in the fall of 2023.

Here's more information.  

If interested, please contact Allyson Hickey at or (

Visiting Your Classroom Virtually

Three Components:

Part One: Assembly with slides, videos and storytelling, describing the life of an adventure writer. Along the journey to many countries and environments, I'll weave in how I collect material, keep field journals, record my subjects and impressions on tape and video, and then write drafts and revise until I publish a book.

Part Two: A 20- to 25-minute writing exercise so students can immediately apply what they've learned.

Part Three: Q&A.


For this live event, I'll spend time with up to 30 students in one classroom, grades 3 to 8, so we can make this a meaningful time together.

Most likely our time together will take place in your classroom so students can sit at their desks for the writing component.

Ideal Time: If we can work together for 75 minutes, that would be terrific. That gives us time for the interactive assembly, writing exercise, and questions at the end.

Once we've agreed on a date and time, I'll provide the password for my website with pre-visit suggestions and post-visit expanded writing activities.

To inquire about my author visits and/or book sales, contact


From a teacher: "Pete, I loved hearing your stories and watching how it inspires my students year after year. I felt the virtual meeting was just as good, if not better than a large group assembly. It was more intimate and the one-on-one in a smaller venue, with a large screen, made the pictures come to life. Here are samples of what children wrote after being inspired by the writing exercise work in your presentation."

"I walked to the edge of the endless cyan ocean. I could feel the cold water on my toes. The warm breeze soothed me. It was humid but refreshing at the same time. I thought I would never leave. The salty breeze covered me.  I had no clue where I was or why I was here, but I didn't care." —Theo

"Kit Lauren looked up as she lay on the sailboat she found after the shipwreck. Even though she was rich and famous in Hollywood, boy, she was an adventurer. Her mind felt so crowded. The wind was swaying and so was the boat." —Addie

"His meeting with the class was really cool and inspiring and I would love to go to those places! I want to have a polar bear sitting on my lap." —Silvie

"It was really interesting learning about all his adventures. I want to get some of his books and learn more about the world." —Peyton

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